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William B. Norton

Brad Norton has over 30 years of management experience in nuclear power station operations, maintenance, and engineeringHis experience enables him to consider the needs of an entire organization and the interrelationships that can impact an organization’s ability to be successful in all aspects of performance.  He is a proven and effective change agent, delivering solid, tangible, and innovative results throughout his career.

Mr. Norton has held positions ranging from Reactor Engineering Supervisor to Director/ Vice President Engineering.  Over the past 30 years he has held management positions in chemistry, radiation protection, instrumentation and control, quality assurance, quality control, strategic initiatives, plant scheduling, reactor engineering, system engineering, design engineering, programs engineering, and nuclear engineering.  These positions have enabled Brad to perform higher level project management functions, perform critical assessments of programs and activities, implement organization changes, and develop staff personnel.    

Focus Areas

  • Conduct of Operations
  • Performance Improvement
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Organization Processes
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Change and Staff Development
  • Independent Assessment
  • Mentoring
  • Readiness Reviews

Licenses and Certifications

USNRC Senior Reactor Operator License

MARC Labor Relations

INPO Senior Nuclear Plant Management


Brad holds a B. S. Nuclear Engineering degree from Kansas State University.



Cell: 620.366.0229