WorkPlace Cornerstone

Root Cause Analyst Training 

In this comprehensive five day course, participants will learn and use proven techniques used by high reliability organizations (HRO) for conducting focused and effective causal analysis reports for events, conditions or trends that have high consequences or high significance outcomes. 

The student will learn and use the essential investigation skills necessary to enable that the direct and underlying event and organizational factors have been sufficiently and effectively investigated; and that specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely corrective actions have been developed, with the intent of significantly reducing the probability of recurrence of the same or similar event.


Course Objectives:

 Participants will learn:

Planning, organizing, and controlling a root cause assessment effort.

Selecting systematic methodologies to determine the root and contributing causes.

The tools to determine depth of the root cause evaluation needed to bound the significance of the problem.

The role of prior occurrences and their setup factors, and how it fits into a causal analysis.

How to plan and organize extent of condition and extent of cause analyses of the event.

To assess how the organization’s safety culture may have contributed to the problem.

How to draw inferences, make conclusions, and demonstrate linkage among the factors and the event or incident

How to develop SMART corrective action(s) specified for each root/ contributing cause.

Effective ways to convey how corrective actions have been appropriately prioritized with consideration of risk significance and regulatory compliance.

How to develop quantitative or qualitative measures of success have been developed for determining the effectiveness of the corrective actions to prevent recurrence.


What We Cover:


Planning an Evaluation

Depth of Analysis

Consequences and Significance

Levels of Defense

Factor Trees/ Chains of Factors

Cause Relationship

Safety Culture - Lines of Inquiry

Corrective Action Characteristics

Measures of Completeness

Programmatic Problems

What’s Missing?

Report Writing


Systematic Methods/ Approaches

Extent of Condition

Risk Increase Profiles

Missed Opportunity Matrix

Mitigating Factors/ Exacerbating Factors

Barrier Analysis

Prior Occurrences and Trendable Factors

Corrective Action Hierarchy

Risk Significance

Causal Factors

Extraneous Conditions Adverse to Quality

Report Presentation


Causation Assessment

Extent of Cause

Problem Finding


Comparative Time Line

Questions for Insight

Root Cause Analysis Issues

Measures of Effectiveness

Measures of Success

Root Cause Testing for Depth

Interviewing Basics




Who Should Attend:

Individuals responsible for causal analysis in high-hazard industries/ high reliability organizations and related sectors such as mining, construction, chemical and petro-chemical industries, transportation, medical, waste collecting, nuclear power, radiation protection, radioactive material handling (all classes), manufacturing and production facilities, laboratories, defense, among many others.

Class Size:                 Typically 12-16 participants

Contact Hours:          40 hours (five (5) eight-hour days)

Location:                    At the customer site/ Customer-designated location/ Glastonbury, CT



Conveyance:         Instructor-led Seminar, Individual and Group/ Team Exercises (over 20),

engaging Terminal and Enabling Objectives, and a final, non-graded Assessment


Pre-requisites:      Previous root cause training and experience helpful, however not necessary.


Instructors:           Each instructor has over 30 years direct experience in high-hazard industry,

advanced and related degrees, and has earned rigorous professional certifications through examination.

As well, each instructor is regularly engaged in leading or advising root cause teams investigating

significant events in the nuclear power, petro-chemical, energy, fabrication, decommissioning,

and other high hazard sectors.


To Request a Course:

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Call Michael D. Quinn at 860.463.0413 or 860.295.0603

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