WorkPlace Cornerstone

  At the nucleus of WorkPlace Cornerstone’s operations is a talented and experienced team of organizational leadership consultants who are committed to an unbiased and objective approach to facilitating efforts to address your organization’s challenges. Whether your need entails one consultant or more, we provide what’s needed to address your organizational need.

To promote our clients’ success, WorkPlace Cornerstone has a team of professionals with complementary backgrounds to support your organizational behavior and design needs. We partner with independent professionals to increase the scope and impact of our services as needed, in areas such as Independent Review, Engineering/ Technical Consulting, reliability assessments, leadership development training, assessments, and a variety of additional human services programs.

We believe that building these collaborations engages the various attributes of management consulting to focus resources on our client's organizational needs.

Services provided by WorkPlace Cornerstone include:

  • Safety culture and safety conscious work environment training, coaching and remediation 
  • Managing workplace conflict
  • Teambuilding
  • Supervisory and management development
  • Event Causal Analysis/ Root Cause Evaluation


  • Corrective Action Program development and remediation
  • Root Cause Training for implementors, team leads, and review bodies
  • Independent Review
  • Engineering/ Technical Consulting
  • Performance Assessment


  • Project Management
  • Project Remediation
  • Program Remediation


  • Coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Managing performance and improving organizational effectiveness
  • Facilitating change and transition
  • Organizational behavior and development


  • Providing employees with tools and insight for how to take responsibility for their own career and add more value on the job.
  • Evaluating workplace environments
  • Employee Concerns Program evaluation
  • Workplace Investigations


  • Causal Analysis: Conducting a Root Cause Assessment for Rooticians
  • Root Cause Team Leader Training
  • Root Cause Evaluation Training for Reviewers (e.g., CARB, MRG and Regulatory Bodies)
  • Human Performance
  • Safety Culture/ Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE)
  • Assessment Reporting

WorkPlace Cornerstone